Being cybersmart!

The week eight learning path for EDC3100 is centered on your digital footprint and being cybersmart. I undertook the Connect.ed Cybersmart professional development, which you can view my certificate Professional Development Cybersafety Certificate of successful completion.

What I found interesting throughout the modules was when the participant could undertake being a teen on a social network site in a simulated activity. As I was a teenager long before social media was even thought of, I can understand why there is so much pressure surrounding it.

My personal experience: I have two teenagers and one tween. My 13 year old was under so much pressure to get a Facebook account while he was at primary school. I allowed him to have one over the Christmas holidays as he was about to commence at high school, under the proviso that his father and I were his Facebook friends and I had his password. This agreement was happily accepted. To date he is yet to post a Facebook “status”, he communicates with his friends, but he doesn’t share a lot of information at all.

In all I feel very lucky in terms of what my kids post. So far their Facebook experiences have been fairly positive. My daughter is very savvy, she knows that posts can be misconstrued and does not get involved in the negativity that she witnesses on there and she knows what the “Block” thing is all about. Yes she has had “randoms” trying to add her. She doesn’t accept them and if they keep on persisting, she blocks them.

I believe that this cyber training should be something that all parents do, not just educators. Many parents have no idea what their children are getting up to online. Additionally, I feel as a parent more schools need to be on board with informing both students and parents of the dangers of being online and what a persons digital footprint means.

Until next time, cheers 🙂


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