Techonology use and Interactive Whiteboards

This post is coming from the majestic Stradbroke Island. Mid-semester break is upon us and the family and I have decided to swap the asphalt streets for sand and waves for the week. Stradbroke Island

However, it isn’t going to be all fun and surf for the week, I still have to work on three uni assignments. Which leads me to today’s post on technology use and interactive whiteboards. I have yet to use an interactive whiteboard, but I have seen them in action within my children’s primary school. They are a fantastic tool when used correctly and interactively.

While I’m on prac I won’t be using an interactive whiteboard, I will be using a laptop and projector. After reading last week’s learning pathways I am interested in learning more about how to make them interactive with the use of an iPad. This will definitely something I will be doing more research on.

Until next time, cheers 🙂

Photograph is the property of Jocelyn Bagdonas all rights reserved


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