Digital footprint

I am very conscious about my digital footprint, especially since the amount of information that social media apps can have on you. I undertook the “take the lollipop” challenge, and the only information that came up about me were photos that I had been tagged in, none of my information is available to be seen.

However, I was reading Bec’s blog post, and she had a similar experience, but some of her own photos were visible. I must admit I too cannot find the setting to not make photos public, Facebook has been very good at hiding it, or I’m looking in the wrong place.

I feel that as future teachers we need to be extremely careful what is published on social media. I reiterate to my children all the time that once it is out in the “netosphere” as I call it, the information that you put out is very hard to retrieve.

I saw this on Twitter yesterday:

I believe that it should be visible in every classroom and home, just as a reminder to everyone that they do have a digital footprint and that footprint should be a positive one.

Until next time, cheers 🙂


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