Professional experience

T’was the night before professional experience, the Bagdonas house was quiet, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…

Term four and professional experience will be off an running in t-minus 10 hours. Normally I look forward to the beginning of term four as it is the shortest term at work and for my own kids at school. However, with a professional experience thrown in as well, the time frame plus the workload seems nearly impossible.

I really enjoy professional experience as I like going out and seeing how other schools use their pedagogical practices and I love learning from others as I feel it expands your knowledge base and your PLN. I’m undertaking a Special Ed prac this time so it will be a little different to previous placements. The school that I will be attending is a fairly new school, so I’m really interested in how they have developed their special ed unit.

What I’m really looking forward to though is seeing how they integrate ICTs into their teaching and learning practices. How they use iPads and laptops, along with what apps and programs are accessed to assist learning. I’m full of nervous excitement, looking forward to it, yet not knowing exactly what to expect!

I have read a few other student’s posts, like Deb Grant’s, and yes it is stressful and a challenge and I too am grateful for the mentor teachers who train and support preservice teachers like my peers and I, we really appreciate it!

Time to sign off, I will be posting during my placement as I feel it will assist me in being a reflective learner. This is a little picture of how I’m feeling at present, getting ready for the unknown.
lego soldier

Until next time, cheers 🙂
ps. Wishing all of my peers all the best for the next three weeks!

Image: Lieutenant Jack Hamilton by Nick Royer available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


One thought on “Professional experience

  1. Reblogged this on rainybytes and commented:
    Love this Jocelyn! It was the night before Professional Experience and in the Lewis-Smith household the mother is snuffling her way through the night with a cold, I NEVER get sick!!! It’s midnight and I don’t look like I’m getting any sleep any time soon. Feeling like you Jocelyn, I keep reassuring myself, “it’s only for a month”…” and then I see a post on Facebook that tells me there are 12 Fridays before Christmas! Not very helpful! Have a great week everyone. I’m sure tomorrow night I’ll fall into bed shattered! !!!


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