First two days done and dusted

I have survived my first two days and I’m completely exhausted! I have hit the ground running so to speak, and I don’t think the pace is likely to slow down. As I have previously stated, I’m completing my professional experience in Special Ed/Learning Support. Not only will I be undertaking teaching practices, I will also be learning about case management, which is a large role for a special ed teacher.

This evening I have been looking for resources for a Learning Support Maths class that I will be teaching. I have had a lot of fun looking for ICT resources to explain Ratios and some fun and interactive games to practice what they have learnt instead of just completing worksheets. To tell you the truth, some of the games that I have found are addictive!

Here are some examples:
Ratio Rumble
Ratio Blaster

Also I have found a fantastic Youtube clip using Minecraft to explain the concept of ratios:


I must keep on with my planning and assignment writing.
Until next time, cheers đŸ™‚


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