When things don’t go to plan…

Things in life don’t always go how we think they should, something goes wrong or a different path emerges causing confusion. The later happened to me in class yesterday. I had a good lesson mapped out, I knew I was going to be pushing it time wise and student ability wise to cover everything within 70 minutes. But I had faith, we could do it…that was my first mistake!

When teaching students with additional learning needs, you can’t always expect that they are going to grasp a concept right away. I know that, but somehow I seem to have overestimated what my class could do.

Teaching Maths is not my strong suit, I freely admit that, but I do work really hard to understand what I will be teaching. Unfortunately for secondary Maths the instructional type videos are really boring. Then you have the younger student videos and they are really fun and upbeat, but unfortunately they are too young for these students. I have had the same problem with apps, these students are too switched on and know when you are using resources that are learning level appropriate, but not age appropriate.

My dilemma was that the videos I had chosen to reinforce the direct instruction were too fast paced. In retrospect, I should have slowed the pace down and stopped the tutorial, discussed what was happening and then used some concrete materials to assist their learning before moving on.

Back to the drawing board with Maths unfortunately, but I won’t give up. It is a speed bump in the road to learning. But on a positive note, my literacy lesson went extremely well today, making me regain some confidence.

Some of my fellow peers have had similar experiences by the sound of things, such as Marissa, who has had some triumphs, but she has also wanted to tear her hair out! I can resonate with her completely!

I really believe that we all need to face the confusion at some point in teaching when an alternative path emerges. A slight deviation can make us more aware in the future and make us better teachers.


5 thoughts on “When things don’t go to plan…

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    Hey all!

    Welcome to week 2 of Professional Experience 🙂

    I came across this blog just as I was post about a new blog post on the importance of being flexible with your lesson plans, so felt that I must share it.

    Working in Prep is awesome, it is so amazing seeing our little friends learn new concepts and apply the things that they know in different contexts. However, with it being the final term of the year they have been rather tired and in turn have provided with a great learning experience in the need to be flexible with what your are doing in the classroom.

    I start each day with my a serious of lesson plans all set to go but have had to learn to go with the flow and take my lead from the students. For example, this morning we had a ‘reading’ session followed by science planned. However, the whole 1hr and 20 minute time slot ended up being spent on the reading lesson.


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