Integrating Class DoJo into your classes

Recently whilst I was on professional experience, I had the opportunity to see how Class DoJo worked within a classroom of higher needs students. The teacher set it up where points were only allocated for positive behaviours and no points taken off for negative behaviours.

How my mentor got this to work was quite ingenious. She allowed the students to view the DoJo points at the beginning of each lesson, then she would allocate a certain number of points for the lesson. These points were split into categories – on task, no calling out, completed work, etc. But to get the maximum number of points you had to fulfill those criteria, hence it was a positive reinforcement, not a negative one. At the end of each term the points are tallied and prizes are given for first, second and third place.

I feel that this can work in any class or school setting, not just primary schools. How about signing up and checking out Class DoJo for yourselves!

Until next time, cheers 🙂


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